Want to be sure of the quality of our natron sack? Order a sample

Sample ordering conditions

Please pay attention to the conditions before filling out the order!
It is important to properly and accurately fill in the fields below to get a sample, because each request for a sample will be checked by phone that you specified in this form, before we produce a sample and deliver to specified address. All samples are delivered without the possibility of printing!

From whom we receive all the requirements for the sample sack?

Not everyone is able to obtain a sample of paper sack! The sample can be ordered only by the company (legal entity) that really have the need for a paper wrapping materials.

When do I get a sample?

Time from order to delivery the sample is flexible and depends on:

  1. Verify information orders
  2. Required dimensions of the sample
  3. Time of the order, the delivery is done only on weekdays (Monday to Friday)

The delivery period is usually confirmed when checking the your order,  after checking we know all the information’s and immediately we can say when you can expect your samples.

Your Informations